My earliest memories of the 9 yards were of the ones owned by my Mother . I started admiring the crisp , starched cotton sarees which she would wear to work. Tangail was the name I was familiar with . As I graduated from skirts and salwars my immediate choice was a saree . I was told that a saree made me look a little matured at the age of 21. I would wear sarees borrowed from others. The options were limited to cottons and silks . I started looking at other options and please note here I am talking of the pre Google era. I moved cities and the love for the 9 yards grew. I started buying sarees not knowing much about the weaves . I always had a fetish for simple and unique style and the weave had to be handwoven . I made sure my sarees were different and had eyeballs rolling. I started noticing other weaves and would start sourcing them sitting in Mumbai . I had a saree vendor who would visit me in Mumbai every three months . He actually got me obsessed with owning the best sarees . He knew my taste and would get me the ones I loved . I made it a point to wear sarees on a regular basis in Mumbai overlooking the crowded local trains . I worked for a liquor company and my sarees made me create an impression. Then with the help of google and many saree groups in social media transported me to a world of different weaves .

Every state in India have so much to offer and I started sourcing them. I made sure that I chose the handwoven ones and even if I had to pay a premium I was ok . After all a weaver is getting benefitted and his kitchen is running. I have no qualms in sharing my saree sources coz I want more and more weavers to get appreciated for the art they create and in turn make money . My wardrobe is always appreciated and I feel proud when I get compliments for my collection. I have a very simple and traditional style and I have fashion bloggers borrowing my sarees for their shoot. There are many weaves which will go extinct because there are no takers so I make sure that I own one before they go into oblivion. I ask my friends to do the same since our rich heritage needs to be saved. My personal favourite weaves are Jamdani , Tussar silks , linen, Assam silks , bomkai , Sachipaar, ikkat and the list is endless. 
  • Sep 16, 2015
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Comments: 1
Anna Key 01-09-2015 20:52
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