How many kinds of sarees are made in India? Take a guess. Actually, even we can't guess, though we have our footprints all over the country and even beyond the borders to unfurl any kind of weave you may ask for. Let us take Bengal for example. Just like almost every district or town in Bengal is known for some sweetmeat, like Behrampur for Chanaboda, Burdwan for Langcha, Chandannagar for Jolbhora, Joynogor for Muya, in Bengal alone almost reach territory is known for a special weave. (Readers must note that while we are referring to Bengal, we are covering Bangladesh as well). The most popular is of course the Tant Sarees, and these cotton waves cutting across all over Bengal. Considered to be very comfortable for the hot and humid climate of Bengal, these sarees woven in “tant” looms, are a product of small and village craft all over Bengal. Across the river in Bangladesh, there are three kinds of sarees which are sought after and worn by women on both sides of the divide. These are the Dhakai and Dhakai jamdani, which as the name suggests is from Dhaka and the Rajshahi Silk, from Rajshahi. For an event in a Bengali home, no matter what religion or caste or for that matter, social standing, these sarees are dream items on these shopping list. And for centuries their popularity has not declined but instead, has grown, even with the younger generation.  
  • Sep 16, 2015
  • Category: Silk
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Comments: 3
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