Have we ever wondered that when it comes to ceremonies, festivities, celebrations, an Indian woman will opt to wear a saree even though she may be a skirt-suit or a jeans-top woman round the year. That too, in any part of the world. Well, the answer is not difficult to find. Saree is symbolic of Indian culture, Indian tradition and we dare say, not just Indian but entire pan Indian. After all, no matter the political divide, Sarees are our roots, they symbolize the story of our civilisation. In fact the usage of saree can be traced to Indus Valley Civilisation while even today, woman of many countries in South East Asia still appear in various styles of saree for ceremonial and religious events.  

And the saree runs across religion, culture, political boundaries. The best example of which is the Banarasi saree. This traditional attire, considered auspicious and almost mandatory in Hindu wedding is crafted by Muslim weavers! Like wise, jamdani sarees from Dhaka, popularly known as Dhakai are also made by muslim craftsman.

In today’s world where people are constrained by time and where quality of products is always under suspicion, we have little option but to hunt for windows which have a high credibility. The trust building factor takes time and commitment. 

Perhaps that explains why Gourisaria sarees is considered to be an iconic store in Kolkata. It is not just our extensive range, but the trust we have built over the years that makes three generations visit us to buy sarees for any major event in their family.

  • Sep 12, 2015
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